History & Bio

Nemo [a.k.a. Andrea Sacchetti] (Vocals) was born in Florence in 1986. Since he was a child he started to utter primordial rock wails. In 2003 he entered in his first band (Nameless) as lead vocalist. In 2006 he started to have singing lessons with Matteo Bonciani and in the meanwhile he is involved in some other musical projects. In 2011, he found Speed Kills with his friend and musical mate Niccolò. He is mostly influenced by heavy metal, hard rock and punk/hardcore, particularly by the old sounds of the 80's.

Niccolò Talenti (Guitar) was born in 1987 and began very young to learn guitar. Soon, the electric guitar took a great part of his life, when he was finally introduced to Rock and Metal music. Between 2005 and 2010 he's the lead guitarist of Hard Rock Metal band Nameless, an important reality in the tuscan Heavy Metal scene. After Nameless broke up, he and his friend Andrea "Nemo" Sacchetti formed the band Speed Kills, in which they are playing and recording now, gig after gig throughout Tuscany. His musical influences goes from blues to heavy metal, and his idols are Led Zeppelin and AC/DC.

Gabriele De Feo (Drums) was born in Florence in 1987. When he was 13 years old, he started listening to metal music and to play drums. After just one year he played with his first band "Electric Fluid" with David Cantina. At the age of 20 he began to study with Raphael Saini (Chaoswave, Abomination, Arhythmia, Iced Earth, One Machine and more). With him and Alex Picciau, Gabriele studied at "Bateras Beat Sardegna". In 2011 he joined Speed Kills to play with the Best Band Ever (roftl!!!). He works in a butchery and loves playing video games for hours and hours! His main musical influences are Mikkey Dee, George Kollias, Raphael Saini and more other drummers.

Luca Oliviero (bass) 
was born in Fiesole in 1990, he first approached metal in 2005, through the most famous bands of the time, such as Linkin Park and System of a Down. Only later, in 2008, he expanded his interests with thrash metal bands of the 80's, then went back through time and became passionate about legends like Black Sabbath and Motörhead. In the same year, with the little savings he had, he decided to buy a bass online and then learn to play it on his own, since his parents were against playing an instrument. In 2009, after a Motörhead concert, he founded Necrothrash together with friends and joined as the bassist. They shared the stage with many local bands, including Speed ​​Kills, who were just starting out; Luca met Nemo and the two remained friends until this day. In 2010 (the project) Necrothrash disbanded.
In 2014 he joined Kinetik, thanks to his friend Roberto Grillo (ex Kinetik's singer), but after one year and a half he left the band.
In 2018 he entered the post-apocalyptic themed stoner project named Diesel Cola (currently in progress). Then, in 2023, he saw a post on social media, announcing that David Cantina had left Speed ​​Kills; he contacted Nemo to do some auditions, and in May of that year he became the official bassist. He works as a metalworker, listens to a lot of music, paints miniatures and he finally started taking bass lessons: better late than never.

Speed Kills was formed in february 2011 with the encounter of Nemo (vocals), Niccolò (guitar), Gabriele (drums) and Marco (bass).
Since the first rehearsals the group's ideas were clear and the sound was found in extreme easiness in a transversal style that takes its roots as much in NWOBHM and speed/thrash metal as in punk/hardcore and in fast'n'rotten rock. Within a couple of months Speed Kills made their debut live getting positive signals from the audience. The job in studio is feverish and in summer the band already had 5 original tracks.
The live shows went on always with good impressions from the audience Meanwhile the composing work went on as well and new tracks are churned out.
In december the band entered in recording studio to produce the first demo tape, "Badass Death", which include the first 5 tracks composed. Recording sessions were completed in january 2012 and later the product's promotion began. The band appears in various underground compilations such as "Undergroundzine Metal 3 Years", "Rockoteque Compilation vol. 1" and "Metal Around The World", all in freedownload.
In october 2013, after a year of inactivity due to a Niccolò's bad injury and a Gabriele's period of drum school in Sardinia, Marco decides to leave the band. Two months after David (Blidfall, ex Electric Fluid) take his place on bass.
In May 2014, Speed Kills record the new EP "Devastation Unleashed" out in November and followed by frantic live performances and new songs composed.
In 2018, Speed Kills sign with MASD Records, and the first self-titled album "Speed Kills" was released on Dec. 15th, 2018.
After a serious 3-year stop during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, David left the band and Luca took his place as the new bassist.
Speed Kills are now expected to play at Firenze Metal Festival in 2023, one of the biggest festivals in central Italy!
1/3 metal, 1/3 rock, 1/3 punk. Add whisky at pleasure.

Gli Speed Kills nascono nel febbraio 2011 dall'incontro di Nemo (voce), Niccolò (chitarra), Gabriele (batteria) e Marco (basso). Fin dalle prime prove le idee del gruppo sono chiare e il sound viene trovato con estrema facilità in uno stile trasversale che ha radici tanto nella NWOBHM e nello speed/thrash quanto nel punk/hardcore e nel rock più marcio e veloce. Nel giro di due mesi gli Speed Kills esordiscono live ottenendo segnali positivi da parte del pubblico. L'attività in sala è febbrile e a dicembre il gruppo entra in studio per la registrazione della sua prima demo autoprodotta, "Badass Death", che contiene i primi 5 pezzi composti. Le registrazioni vengono ultimate nel gennaio 2012 e inizia successivamente l'attività di promozione del prodotto. Partecipano tra l’altro con tracce della demo alle compilation "Undergroundzine Metal 3 Years", "Rockoteque Compilation vol. 1" e "Metal Around The World", tutte in freedownload. Nell'ottobre 2013, dopo un anno di inattività dovuto a un grave infortunio di Niccolò e a una stagione di studio di Gabriele in Sardegna, il bassista Marco decide di uscire dal gruppo. Due mesi dopo David (Blindfall, ex Electric Fluid) subentra al suo posto come bassista. Nel maggio 2014 gli Speed Kills cominciano le registrazioni del nuovo EP "Devastation Unleashed", ultimate nel novembre dello stesso anno; segue un'intensa attività live e la composizione di nuovi pezzi. Nel 2018, gli Speed Kills firmano con l'etichetta MASD Records, per poi pubblicare il 15 Dicembre dello stesso anno il primo album omonimo "Speed Kills".
Dopo un serio stop di 3 anni durante e dopo la pandemia di COVID-19, David lascia la band e Luca prende il suo posto come nuovo bassista.
Gli Speed Kills suoneranno presto nel prestigioso festival Firenze Metal a Novembre 2023!
1/3 metal, 1/3 rock, 1/3 punk. Aggiungere whisky a piacere.