December 15, 2018


Our first self-titled album, "Speed Kills" is out today!
Thanks to all our friends, followers and everyone who made this possible!
Thanks to Musikalmente for hosting our rehearsals for so many years.
A big thank to Giacomo Salani at La Fucina Studio for a great job in making our shit sound so good on this record.
This of course would not have been possible without MASD Records and Chiara Rovesti who believed in our musical project.
A huge THANK YOU to Dario Caroli who will host our release party tonight at our second home, Circus Club.
Thanks to our 2 special guests in this album: Giovanni INOX Casulli of Punition Babek and of course the living legend of italian Heavy Metal, the one and only STEVE SYLVESTER of DEATH SS.
Thank you Luca & Claudio of Loud n' Proud for having us on your radio, as well as Mirko and all the staff at Rock Dj.
On this record you can find a picture from our latest photo shoot with great photographer Federico A. Cutuli, so thank you and look forward to working with you again!
Thank you also to Lorenzo and Massimo for doing such a great job with this artwork.
Thank you Alessio and Giulio for helping us releasing our "single" videoclip Devastation comes from the Past.

"Speed Kills" will be available in the best record stores as well as in the main digital stores (Spotify, Amazon music, Bandcamp, ITunes, etc). Check out the online shop for special price shipping!

May 14, 2018


Our videoclip from our upcoming first album is out today!
Check this out!

New Videoclip 2018 From Speed Kills for MASD RECORDS ________________________________________________________________

Directed by: Alessio Nencioni (Magnetic Head Production)
Editing: Giulio Melani
Actors: Giacomo Domenici, Marta Falugiani
Filmed at Circus Club Scandicci (FI) 10/04/2018

February 2, 2018

BLASTING NEWS: Speed Kills signed today with MASD RECORDS!

We are proud to announce we entered today MASD Records family!
Stay tuned for our first ever full-lenght album and many more news.


Siamo orgogliosi di annunciare il nostro ingresso nella famiglia MASD Records!
Restate sintonizzati per altre entusiasmanti news e per l'uscita del nostro primo album.

December 22, 2017

Our EP "Devastation Unleashed" is on Rock Hard magazine!

We are proud to be on Rock Hard magazine this month!


Siamo orgogliosi di essere su Rock Hard di questo mese!

September 20, 2017

Speed Kills is back live with Angelus Apatrida & No Return!

On 27th october 2017 we will be back in the trenches to support the blitz of Angelus Apartida and No Return.

ONLY ONE ITALIAN SHOW for them, one shot one kill.
We are waiting for copious volunteers to join the raid, all together we will be a lethal weapon of mass destruction.
No mercy for draft dodgers.

General headquarters, as usual, at Circus club.
See you there.


Il 27 ottobre 2017 saremo in di nuovo in trincea a supportare il blitz di Angelus Apatrida e NO RETURN.

UNICA DATA ITALIANA per loro, one shot one kill.
Aspettiamo numerosi volontari che si uniscano alla scorribanda, tutti insieme saremo una letale arma di distruzione di massa. 
Nessuna pietà per gli imboscati.

Quartier generale, come sempre, il Circus club.
Vi aspettiamo lì.

April 28, 2017

Speed Kills "Son of the Gun" videoclip is Top 10 on Classic Rock Magazine!

We just want to say thank you to all those who decided to support us in the april video contest on Classic Rock magazine.
We didn't do quite much to promote it, but your feedback was great indeed.
We did it for fun, we were sure that they wouldn't choose us and we were aware that we wouldn't ever be able to compete at all. In the end we gained something like more than 270 votes and more than 1200 views.
You know what? We are very happy about it, that's all.
Thank to all of you who followed us, but once again thank to Antonio and to that wonderful bunch of mad friends that helped us in turning real this piece of t(h)rash.

Still fuckin' reckless!


Volevamo solo dirvi grazie.
Non ci siamo sbattutti all'inverosimile per spingere il nostro video per il contest su Classic Rock Italia, ma ci avete abbondantemente ripagato.
Abbiamo partecipato per gioco, convinti che saremmo stati scartati e consapevoli comunque di non avere i numeri per vincere. Finisce con 270 e rotti like e più di 1200 visualizzazioni.
Sapete cosa? Siamo più che contenti così.
Grazie a tutti voi che avete seguito la cosa, ma ancora una volta grazie ad Antonio e a quella magnifica banda di amici matti che ci ha aiutati a suo tempo a realizzare questa t(h)rashata.
Still fuckin' reckless!

March 24, 2017

Speed Kills on Classic Rock magazine

So it seems like our faces are already on Classic Rock magazine. What's over, we're next to our local fellows Overload.


Come non detto, i nostri musi sono già stati piazzati su Classic Rock Italia. In compagnia dei compaesani Overload, peraltro.